Get Motivated. Get Healthy. WIN!!

What if you could feel motivated
be successful, and see results
in time for the holidays?

The Ready-Set-Go is a FUN 6-week health challenge 
that will help you say goodbye to tight clothes
and low energy, as you lose weight, improve health
and win cash and prizes!

Now only $30

Price increases to $39, September 30th!

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Tell me if this sounds like you….

  • You want to lose weight and have more energy, but you can’t seem to get any traction. 
  • You may even know exactly what to do, but by the end of the day you’ve thrown in the towel. 
  • You cut calories, count points and remove carbs to get results for a short time and suddenly the scale won’t budge.
  • You’re tired of getting yourself pumped up to make progress, only to be disappointed by failing yet again.

What if there’s a way to increase your motivation, build in accountability, and get real, consistent results?

That’s why we created the Ready-Set-Go Health Challenge …
to jumpstart your motivation,
build in the support needed for success,
and put an end to the confusion
so that you can lose weight and feel great. 

If you’re READY to end the frustration and disappointment,
SET to get motivated, take control and lose weight
over the next 6 weeks, then… LET’S GO!

This is the last challenge opportunity of 2020!

Here's what you get inside the Ready-Set-GO! Health Challenge:


  • Access to a FREE Health Coach to answer your questions and create a success plan just for you
  • Daily health & exercise tips and online learning
  • Learn how to change your mindset to desire healthy living instead of depriving yourself of the things you love
  • A fun way to earn points and win for making healthy choices
  • Built-in accountability and encouragement through a private community

Does this sound 

like you?

Are you struggling with getting the extra weight off, leaving you with barely enough energy to meet the demands of the day, let alone the things you actually WANT to do?

You could be...

  • ten pounds lighter, wearing clothes you haven’t been able to fit into….
  • feeling a greater sense of control…
  • clear on the choices that contribute to your success and the success of those you care about…
  • experiencing more energy and productivity…
  • getting more done and having more fun…
  • have improved health…
  • at a reduced risk factors for COVID, flu, and other illnesses…
  • making use of the motivation and support that propels you forward, instead of spinning your wheels!

Now only $30

Price increases to $39, September 30th!

Imagine if you came home at the end of the day with ENERGY TO SPARE...

     What if you could see regular progress because you knew just what to do to make it happen?
     What if when you felt stuck, you could talk to your health coach and get real solutions?
     What if you had access to a collection of tools, tips, and recipes that were sure to support your goals?
     What if you had a community of people working on the same goals to cheer you on?

Make these possibilities a reality by joining the Ready-Set-GO! Health Challenge today!

Meet your Challenge Hosts

Together the Fit & Faithful team has helped thousands improve their health. Each one of us personally knows the challenge of creating and maintaining a healthy weight and mindset for long-term success. That is why we are so passionate about creating sustainable solutions! We work alongside individuals, groups, and medical practices to provide specific plans and solutions to create dramatic health and life changes. Ultimately, our goal is to extend the quality and quantity of life for all!


Daniela Carulli


Tim Cox


Kelly Critser


Kim Stuard

With the Ready-Set-GO! Health Challenge, you get:

  • Weekly private coaching sessions ($150 value)
  • Recipe collection ($25 value)
  • Video support and instruction ($200 value)
  • Daily nutritional, exercise, habit and mental health tips ($30 value)
  • Access to private support community ($30 value)
  • Printable digital materials ($15 value)
  • BONUS: WIN some or all of your money back as you WIN back your health (up to $30+ value)

Over $500 value for ONLY $30 

when you register before September 30th. 

(Regularly $39)

FAQ'S About READY-SET-GO! Health Challenge

What if I don’t need to lose weight, but I want to get healthier?

Join us! You will have the ability to choose to maintain your weight and still play the game and take on the challenge of meeting your personal health goals.  All the perks of the challenge will still be yours.

What if I need help with a specific plan for my unique needs?

Your personal health coach will be happy to assist you with a plan based on your needs and desires.

Will other people know that I’m in the group?

Only the members of the group will know you are in the private Facebook group designed specifically for this challenge.

How much time does this take?

Fifteen minutes a day will have you covered and if life has you miss a day, you can catch up the next day.

What if I need personal help to get started?

We are here for you:)   You will have the ability to schedule an initial consultation with your health coach to help you get going on your healthier self!

Can I invite my friends?

YES!  Inviting your friends to play actually increases the likelihood of your success and theirs and makes it even more fun.  Things we do are always better together, right?!

What if I can’t log in every day?

No worries, just make sure you catch the information from the day(s) you missed and you will have access to the Facebook group for at least 3 weeks after the end of the challenge ends.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned by interacting on the page, filling out your weekly points form, and interacting weekly with your health coach.

Can I start and then get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of the Ready-Set-Go Weight Loss Challenge we do not offer refunds. 

When is the closing date to sign up?

The pre-challenge (time to prepare together) begins on September 28, 2020 and the actual challenge begins on October 5, 2020.

What if my life is really busy right now?

Many have shared that being a part of the challenge has actually helped them have more energy and be more emotionally available during their most challenging times. Truthfully, life will always throw something at us.  Why not take on something that helps you become better through it all?

How long will I have access?

You will have access to the challenge Facebook page and all the information for at least 3 weeks after the challenge ends so that you can go back and review anything you’d like.

Who is Ready-Set-GO! Health Challenge for?

This is for anyone – yes ANYONE– who wants to lose weight, get healthier, and have FUN in the process.


Whether you’re wanting to trim your waistline, be a healthy role model for your kids or concerned about your own health and longevity, you’ll love the weight loss challenge! Learn how to lose weight, reset family habits, improve nutrition and energy to keep up with work and the kiddos. It’s so much more fun to have and be a parent with energy!

Busy Professionals

Whether you are looking to improve your productivity and performance at work or you’re a busy entrepreneur who is looking to spur on greater creativity so you can serve more people in your business, a healthy body is essential. Inside of the health challenge you’ll learn how to get rid of unwanted weight, eat nutritionally to fuel a clearer mind, have greater stamina, and improve confidence.

Community Heroes

As health care providers, police and firefighters, you give a lot every day. You need a gift for yourself. Whether you are looking for ways to increase your ability to move and respond with ease, or have some energy left at the end of the day for you and your family, or simply want to eliminate the health risk of extra weight, this Weight Loss Challenge is for you.

Health & Fitness Fanatics

Health and fitness is important to you! Whether you’re at your healthy weight or still want to drop that stubborn 10 pounds, the health challenge is a great way to surround yourself with people who have similar goals and values. Inside the health challenge, you’ll have access to resources that will not only help you move forward, but those you serve as well as we reach new levels together!

How It Works

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Reserve your space in the Ready-Set-Go Weight Loss Challenge here.


Look for your email communications in your inbox. Make sure to check your junk folder if you don’t find it in your inbox. Emails will come from both Jot Forms and Fruitful Living.


Follow the instructions in your email to be added to the private facebook group and get started!


Invite your friends! Give them this link: 

Imagine where you could be by Thanksgiving. You could be...

…ten pounds lighter, wearing clothes you haven’t been able to fit into
…feeling a greater sense of control
…clear on the choices that contribute to your success and the success of those you care about
…experiencing more energy and productivity, getting more done and having more fun
…have improved health and reduced risk factors for COVID, flu, and other illnesses
…have the motivation and support that propels you forward, instead of spinning your wheels!

NOW is the time to JOIN!

Join now through September 29th for the early bird price of $30. 
The entry fee increases to $39 after September 29th.
Make your decision to join now.
The Pre-Challenge officially begins October 5th.
Doors close at midnight October 18th. 

Over $500 value for ONLY $30 

when you register before September 30th. 

(Regularly $39)

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